Who has been Chair(man) of the RTPI in the East of England?

Interesting reading!

These RTPI members have all served as Chair(man) of the RTPI East of England Branch, now the RTPI East of England Region:

  • 1955/56 S G Roff-Marsh
  • 1957/58 P G Laws
  • 1958/59 G E Betts
  • 1960/61 J M Gorst, West Suffolk County Council
  • 1961/62 L G Robinson
  • 1962/63 L N Fraser, Essex County Council
  • 1963/64 H J Lowe
  • 1964/65 R H Moody, Essex County Council
  • 1965/66 T Morton, Essex County Council
  • 1966/67 M J Hellier  (our Maurice Hellier Award is named after him)
  • 1967/68 J R N Middlebrook
  • 1968/69 M Law
  • 1969/70 R J Henwood, Essex County Council
  • 1970/71 R J Green
  • 1971/72 D Jennings-Smith, Essex County Council
  • 1972/73 D Peace, Cambridgeshire County Council (he engraved the East of England Planning Achievement Award)
  • 1973/74 Dale Robinson, Private practice and Mid Essex Technical College
  • 1974/75 G B Noble / J E Stafford, Essex County Council
  • 1975/76 J E Stafford, Essex County Council
  • 1976/77 A L Norman
  • 1977/78 J M Shaw, Norfolk CC
  • 1978/79 Maurice S Pickering, Peterborough City Council
  • 1979/80 Gareth D Gunning, Essex County Council
  • 1980/81 Vernon W McElroy, Cambridge University
  • 1982 J Ayton, Norfolk County Council
  • 1983 Harry Bacon, Basildon Development Corporation
  • 1984 Chris Wareham, Peterborough City Council
  • 1985 David Bath, Peterborough Development Corporation
  • 1986 Jed Griffiths, Hertfordshire County Council, past RTPI President
  • 1987 Richard High, Norfolk County Council
  • 1988 Dan Glading, Essex County Council
  • 1989 Richard Woolley, Anglia Polytechnic
  • 1990 Keith Clarke, Huntingdonshire District Council
  • 1991 Richard Summers, private practice, past RTPI President
  • 1992 Alan Gomm, South Norfolk District Council
  • 1993 Nicky Jenkins, East Cambridgeshire District Council
  • 1994 Nigel Bell, Essex County Council
  • 1995 Paul Maison, Bedfordshire County Council
  • 1996 Tony Hall, Anglia Polytechnic University
  • 1997 Dan Glading, Essex County Council
  • 1998 Steve Bateman, East Northants District Council, previous Regional Treasurer
  • 1999 Shaun Scrutton, Rochford District Council
  • 2000 Ann Skippers, Chelmsford Borough Council, past RTPI President
  • 2001 Philippa Lowe, Mid Suffolk District Council
  • 2002 Ian Vipond, Colchester Borough Council
  • 2003 Andrew Martin, Private Practice
  • 2004 Ann Hockey, Colchester Borough Council
  • 2005 Robert Purton, Private Practice
  • 2006 Jackie Ward, Private Practice
  • 2007 Nigel McCurdy, Forest Heath District Council
  • 2010 Rob Hobbs, Ipswich Borough Council
  • 2011 Peter Geraghty, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, past RTPI President
  • 2012 Philip Godwin, North Norfolk District Council
  • 2013 Peter Warner, Great Yarmouth Borough Council
  • 2014 Paul Maison, Retired
  • 2015 David Potter, Retired
  • 2016 Michael Hand, Private Practice
  • 2017 Wendy Hague, Private Practice

Some are still active voluntary members on the Regional Committee.  Some have moved on to pastures new.  Others are sadly no longer with us.

Our thanks to you all.


About rtpieast

This is the blog for the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) East of England. We organise seminars and events for our members in the East of England region for professional development. A quarterly newsletter and a regular ebulletin keeps members up-to-date with our events calendar. We award an annual Regional Planning Achievement Award to inspire and showcase planning within our Region.

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